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Ghostlight | Rabia Gale
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Trevelyan Shield would rather fight demons and exorcise haunts than deal with debutantes, alive or dead. But when he encounters the charming but ghostly Arabella Trent, his duty is clear: send the young woman into the afterlife. Otherwise, she risks attracting the denizens of the Shadow Lands, who hunger for mortal souls. Arabella doesnt remember the runaway carriage that hit her and left her for dead. Nor does she know why her body was found so far from home. But somethingor someoneis preventing her from returning to it, and shes determined to find out why. As Arabella and Trey race to unravel the mystery, a sinister plot unfolds and the boundary between the demon and mortal worlds grows thin. If they dont act soon, Arabella wont be the only one to fall prey to the Shadow Lands.
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Ghostlight | Rabia Gale
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Great novel, though a bit short. Even as the first book in a series, I wish it had more details about the world and the characters. However, it still provides an interesting story with endearing characters, funny banter, and an intriguing mystery. I already bought the next book!

Sace This sounds so good! 1mo
Sace Omigosh! It was only $0.99 on Kindle! #blameitonlitsy 1mo
ulrichyumiodd @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Oh, that‘s true! It was very cheap in Canadian dollars as well! It was well worth the price for me 😄 1mo
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