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The Cypriot
The Cypriot | Andreas Koumi
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the conflict in Cyprus. It's the 1950s - Cyprus is under British rule. But a struggle for freedom has already begun. To the Orthodox Christian majority, freedom means enosis - union with Greece. To the Muslim minority, enosis means disaster. Andonis, a Christian, struggles for his own freedom: to be a tailor and escape the family expectations of a life on the land; to be a Cypriot and be with his forbidden Muslim love. At stake are family and friendships, beliefs and traditions, village and homeland.
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The Cypriot | Andreas Koumi

#ReadAroundtheWorld #Cyprus

Better late than never!

I loved the insight this book gave into why Cyprus ended up partitioned. I also enjoyed the love story and while Andonis is not a sympathetic character I understood how he ended up where he did.

Full review here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2952680496

RachelO Nice review! I‘ll add it to my one-day list - afraid Cyprus just didn‘t happen this month 😕. 3mo
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The Cypriot | Andreas Koumi
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#readingaroundtheworld #cyprus A forbidden love story between a Cyprus Muslim and a Christian. The story takes place in the time leading up to and during the first years of the division of Cyprus between those wishing to be part of Greece and those aligned with Turkey. The love story was not original but the story of the tailor who finds himself in love and the tale of his fleeing to England was great historical background.

Simona I wasn‘t thrilled about my pick either 4mo
BookwormM This is my Cyprus book as well have yet to start it due to Booker madness 4mo
TorieStorieS I had a hard time choosing one for Cyprus! I‘m going with 4mo
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