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Batman Arkham: Two-Face
Batman Arkham: Two-Face | Paul Dini
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An unprecedented anthology of the greatest Two-Face stories ever told. He was Harvey Dent, Gotham City's crusading district attorney and one of the Batman's closest allies, until an act of vengeance changed everything. With the left side of his face horribly deformed, Dent's mind shattered. One half of his personality remained the law-abiding D.A., the other became a crazed, murderous villain who calls himself Two-Face! Scarring one side of his "lucky" two-headed silver dollar, the criminal allows the coin to choose his actions--good or evil, there is nothing else. BATMAN ARKHAM: TWO-FACE collects work by some of the industry's greatest creators, including Peter Tomasi (BATMAN AND ROBIN), Curt Swan (SUPERMAN), Denny O'Neil (BATMAN), Bill Finger (DETECTIVE COMICS), Scott McDaniel (THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD), Guillem March (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS) and many more! Includes DETECTIVE COMICS #66, #68, #80, #513, #563, #564; BATMAN #234, #346, #397-98, #410, #411; BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.1; WORLD'S FINEST #173; BATMAN TWO-FACE #1; JOKER'S ASYLUM TWO-FACE #1; BATMAN CHRONICLES #8.
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“I do what I do because of what fate has made me - not because I enjoy ‘matching wits‘ with the Batman! Fate has cursed me with duality - and I decided long ago that it is my ugly, evil side which dominates! Similarly, Batman's fate-given destiny is to oppose evil and ugliness. I act and he reacts! Let him come! I never run!!”

#StarTrekSummerMay | 21: #SecondChances

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Megabooks Interesting choice. I think this would also work for #FaceoftheEnemy, which I did not choose. FotE is one of the best Troi episodes. @tournevis posted a lot of interesting trivia about #SecondChances on her page 1mo
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