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Breath Between: An Invitation to Mystery and Joy
Breath Between: An Invitation to Mystery and Joy | Bethany Lee
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This astonishing new collection from poet Bethany Lee weaves the thread of her keen attention around life's joys and sorrows, draws them tightly together and offers them into our hands. With unflinching courage she extracts beauty from her journeys as seafarer and grief-tender, makes her way into the present moment, and invites us to come along.The Breath Between offers good company for hard days, water for the thirsty spirit, and a summons to inhabit your own life more fully. You will not regret the time you spend in the chapel of these words.
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My amazingly talented friend, Bethany Lee, had her first book of poetry published, and I got to have her book release party at the library. She‘s received accolades from the poet laureate of Oregon and many others.

My favorite kind of poetry is the kind that makes you think, “Yes! That‘s exactly it, you understand!” and “Wow! I hadn‘t considered that, now I understand!” I loved this book, and not just because she‘s my friend, I promise.

kspenmoll Fantastic!!! 2mo
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