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Writing a Novel
Writing a Novel | Nigel Watts
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'teach yourself Writing a Novel' is an informative, yet creative, user-friendly and straightforward guide to writing good fiction. It covers everything from story arcs and themes to characterisation and language, and additionally offers plenty of practical advice for those facing the dreaded writer's block, and practical writing exercises for those wanting to refine their skills. Additionally, it gives a full guide to available creative writing courses, now fully updated in this third edition, and plenty of further reading resources for budding authors.
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Writing a Novel | Nigel Watts
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Just me, my words, and some tea. Editing my pirate novel so I can send it to a Harlequin editor, who requested the full manuscript!

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CrowCAH @Slajaunie @mabell @NeedsMoreBooks @LeahBergen thank you 🥰 it‘s exciting and a bit frightening to take this next step, but to will be all for the good! 3w
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