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Meet Felicity: An American Girl (American Girls: Felicity #1)
Meet Felicity: An American Girl (American Girls: Felicity #1) | Valerie Tripp
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#AyUpAugust #TooMuchTooYoung

My favorite American Girl: American Revolution time period and she rides a horse! I own this doll and horse, Penny, and all six original books (shown).

By only gripe, reading them as an adult, is ten years old is (too much) too young to be adventuring without supervision and making childish rash decisions without thinking about consequences.

I felt lucky to be doing well in school, let alone saving the country.

marleed Haha! We were the neighborhood hangout house and my daughter had several AG dolls. One Saturday, I listened as 4 girls role played barbies. The next day she had another 4-some but played with AG dolls. It was my best advertisement fo AG. On day 2 they role played 10yr olds. On day 1 they were ahem, older. I wish I had an iPhone at the time as video proof! 1mo
mabell I have Felicity too! But I don‘t have her horse! How cool! 1mo
Cinfhen We owned Felicity but not the horse!!! How fun ❤️ 1mo
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Reviewsbylola Love AG! Samantha is my favorite and she was my first! 1mo
wideeyedreader I have the doll for Elizabeth, Felicity‘s best friend! 1mo
AsYouWish I loved AG!! I was a Molly girl!! 1mo
AprilMae Omg, I loved all of these books! When I found them I just devoured the books! Felicity, Samantha, Molly, Addy, Kirsten, Josefina omg, so many hours reading these books!! Samantha and Nellie is by far my favorite story line though!! 1mo
squirrelbrain I‘ve never heard of these books! 😳 1mo
brit91 I got all of these they were a gift from my grandmother I loved them! 1mo
CrowCAH @marleed that sounds amazing! I do recall my younger sister and I would often make up songs together; I wish I had a recording device, we could have started a band lol 1mo
CrowCAH @mabell I actually owned Penny first (and Molly) and then got Felicity, so they were reunited! ☺️ 1mo
CrowCAH @Cinfhen woohoo sounds like Felicity is a hit! 1mo
CrowCAH @Reviewsbylola my older sister had Samantha and my younger sister Kirsten. 1mo
CrowCAH @wideeyedreader oh neat, I think it‘s great how they started adding friends for the dolls. 1mo
CrowCAH @AsYouWish I, too, had Molly. 1mo
CrowCAH @AprilMae I devoured them too! Our school library had a bunch and what they didn‘t have our city library did! 1mo
CrowCAH @squirrelbrain oh wow! They were popular in the late 90s, early 2000s. They‘re still around, but I remember you were cool if you had an AG doll! 1mo
CrowCAH @brit91 how wonderful! 😊 1mo
mabell I had Molly first too!! 😄 1mo
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Hello, American Girls podcast! I am here for many, many episodes of deconstructing formative books from my 90s childhood. #podcasting #bookadjacent #americangirls

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I'm starting research for a new book set during the American revolution, which is not my strong suit. So I'm going back to basics.

I used to reread the entire American Girl series any time i was home sick in bed. (Kirsten is still my fav, tho) #research #authorsoflitsy

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This librarian was off today but I stopped by my neighborhood library to check out some books for the #throwbackreadathon. I can't wait to reread some old favorites! I checked out a few American Girl and Dear America books 💕

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Felicity was my absolute favorite American Girl! These books and the musical 1776 made me get my degrees in history with a focus on the American Revolution. #childlike #maybookflowers

Reviewsbylola I loved Felicity but I would have to pick Samantha as my no. 1! 2y
asiriusreader Love Felicity!! I had Molly and Felicity growing up...loved them both! Also loved the Addie series though I never had that doll. 2y
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Found a stash of these guys in the back room of the bookstore. TEAM FELICITY FOR LIFE.

TirzahPrice @rachelm Molly was good. I was irrationally prejudiced against her because I got glasses in second grade and was real self conscious about them and my bff was like, "I thought you'd want Molly because she has glasses!" And I was like " JUST BECAUSE I AM GLASSES GIRL DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE MOLLY BEST!" Then we got into a huge fight. Memories! 3y
rachelm 😂😂😎 3y
MariaC The Samantha books take place in the town where I grew up, Valerie Tripp changed the name but we all knew. The Tripp family is a huge supporter of the town library and the Reading Room is named for them. Also, one of the Samantha book covers shows a Victorian house, and one wall of the children's room is a facade of said house. It is quite an interesting feature. 3y
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#octphotochallenge #90'stoysinbookform The original American Girls dolls were all in book form. Teaching kids early that Fiction is a great way to learn about history!

EloisaJames My grad students when I was teaching at Wash U in St Louis were writing them! 3y
mrsh62010 Felicity was my first and only American Girl book :) 3y
Lacythebookworm ❤️❤️❤️ 3y
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DivineDiana I still love them! Combing a doll with a storybook stole my heart! 3y
wrenaymuhree Felicity was my FAVORITE!!! I hate that they've done away with her doll & stories. 😢 3y
katedensen I just posted Molly ☺️ 3y
Legxleg I loved the American Girls so much! Kirsten was my favorite. 3y
SiriGuruDevSingh Felicity! Oh God, my daughter was obsessed with Felicity (the clothes, the story, but most of all it was the horse!) 3y
Ruri_kaichou These series were so great! It seems like they changed things though, and retired some of the original girls. Thankfully, I found a handful at a garage sale and snapped them up so my daughters can read them when they're older! 3y
Craftylikefox Oh man I read through all the books and had Molly :) a great way to get kids interested in history 3y
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Unique fact about me: Growing up, my favorite American Girl was Felicity who lived in Colonial Williamsburg. Turns out it may have been a premonition on my part as I fell for a guy who lived in Williamsburg and moved here when we married this past spring. Love living in a place that has so much history in it's backyard. #augustphotochallenge #day14 @TheSpinecrackersBookClub

Leelee08 I ❤️ this! 3y
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