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Keira the Movie Star Fairy
Keira the Movie Star Fairy | Daisy Meadows
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Rachel and Kristy are hired as extras in a movie filming in their town, but they must first track down Jack Frost's goblins after they steal Keira the movie star fairy's three magic items.
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Today at the library I used the vacuum cleaner for a mess & the wet vac to clean up pee. I forgot my dinner at home. So at almost 8 p.m., without a filter left, I accidentally devastated a child with the news that Daisy Meadows is not an actual person, and then I somehow thought it would be better if she knew it wasn‘t a new thing and listed off other non-authors.
Holy Fuckballs, where‘s the 🍷

cobwebmoth Aw! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! 6mo
SleepyDragon I actually didn't know that, either. Lol 6mo
Eggbeater It sounds like you did a really hard job and you did amazingly well . Hugs to you! 💕 6mo
LibrarianRyan I didn‘t realize daisy wasn‘t one person. Thanks. I did know the others. I wonder if it started as one person? Now I have to go look this up. 👍 6mo
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