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By the Light of the Study Lamp
By the Light of the Study Lamp | Carolyn Keene
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The girls locate the Starr family's missing jewels.
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Sorry - I‘m sure that this was entertaining in 1934 when it was published, but I think I should have left it in 1934.

HOTPock3tt 🤣 10mo
gradcat They probably do read a bit dated...but I used to love them. Still, you gotta love that cover!! 😂 10mo
Megara 😂 10mo
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EmilyM 🤣 10mo
batsy Oh dear 😆 10mo
LeahBergen 😆😆😆 10mo
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I went to the nearby hospital book sale today. I am always completely overwhelmed and can‘t ever think of a single author that I like. I just start grabbing books, and this is what I ended up with. I am most excited about the tagged book. I had forgotten that the Dana Girls Mysteries even existed! This one was printed in 1934. Anyway, if I got anything interesting please let me know. (Oh, and Harvest Home was just for old times‘ sake!)

Tamra I do the same thing, brain gets overwhelmed! 10mo
Pamwurtzler I love The Dana Girls. I think I have that one!! 10mo
LeslieO Great haul! 10mo
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LeahBergen Ohhhh! I love that Harvest Home edition! 👏🏻👏🏻 10mo
batsy I used to love the Dana Girls mysteries, too! They're really hard to find now and that's a great edition. 10mo
KathyWheeler Empire Falls is good. I haven‘t read Miss Kopp‘s Midnight Confession yet but it‘s the 3rd book in a really good series that starts with Girl Waits With Gun. Loved the Dana Girls! 10mo
Hooked_on_books I‘ve read all 3 in the far left column, and all are terrific! 10mo
AlaMich I‘d forgotten about the Dana Girls. I was a big Nancy Drew fan and I figured the Dana Girls were wannabes! 😆 10mo
Reagan Missoula and Into The Wild are so good! 10mo
Bklover @Tamra Yes! A lady asked what authors I liked and I just looked at her blankly! 10mo
Bklover @Pamwurtzler @batsy I‘m excited to read the Dana Girls. I had forgotten all about them. 👍💙 10mo
Bklover @LeslieO Thanks! It‘s only luck- I k ow I picked up two of them because I liked the cover! 10mo
Bklover @LeahBergen I read Harvest Home years ago and had a paperback that had this same cover. Couldn‘t resist! 10mo
Bklover @batsy I was really surprised to see it. I only vaguely remember the Dana Girls. Was a fun find! 10mo
Bklover @KathyWheeler I know I have the first in this series, but I didn‘t think I had this one. Glad it‘s the third in the series because I think I have the first two! I‘m looking forward to Empire Falls and the Dana Girls! 10mo
Bklover @Hooked_on_books @Reagan-reads That‘s good news!! It is so hard to pick books when there are thousands of them! 10mo
Bklover @AlaMich Yes! I forgot the Dana Girls even existed. I loved Nancy Drew! 10mo
robinb Hmmm...the Dana Girls are a new one for me! Loved Nancy Drew! 10mo
Hollie I have Snow on my shelf for the exact same reason but I haven‘t read it yet so I can‘t tell you if it‘s good or not 😬 10mo
BarbaraBB Empire Falls is great. And I enjoyed Snow though it‘s a tough read. 10mo
RainyDayReading I‘ve had my eye on Harvest Home for a while! 10mo
Stacy_31 I've had my eye on One Thousand White Women for quite some time. I read a few pages at our local used bookstore and the story grabbed me but for some reason I just didn't get it. 10mo
Bklover @Stacy_31 I did the exact same thing. I have no idea why I didn‘t buy it back then! Hope you guys have a good weekend!❤️❤️ 10mo
Bklover @RainyDayReading it‘s a good one, or at least I thought it was when I read it years ago. Got it because this was the cover I had! 10mo
Bklover @BarbaraBB Thanks! Not sure when I‘ll get to them but they sounded interesting! Happy Friday! 10mo
Bklover @robinb I didn‘t remember the Dana Girls until I saw the book! 10mo
Bklover @Hollie Sounds like Snow is a tough read! 10mo
Stacy_31 @Bklover I just found it at our library's book sale. 😂😂 Made sure to get it this time! Hope you have a good weekend, also! 10mo
Bklover Oh, that‘s amazing!!! What are the odds?! ❤️❤️ @Stacy_31 10mo
Rachel_nyc Snow is fantastic! If you end up enjoying it, also check out My Name is Red by same author. 10mo
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