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The Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom | Stanley Elkin
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Among Mr. Elkins best works of fiction . . . A comedy that cuts so many ways that it leaves us bleeding with laughter. The New York Times Eddy Bales twelve-year-old son died after a terrible, drawn-out illness. Now, determined to help alleviate the suffering of other sick children, Eddy plans to take a group of seven terminally ill youths on a dream vacation to Disney World. Accompanied by four eccentric chaperones, Eddy and the kids embark on what is meant to be a magical retreat that quickly devolves into a series of disasters when the kids turn out to be more full of life than anyone expected. Written with deadpan humor and poignancy, The Magic Kingdom is a striking and honest portrayal of life and deathand the trouble that ensues when one attempts to master either. This ebook features rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the authors estate and from the Stanley Elkin archives at Washington University in St. Louis.
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The Magic Kingdom | Stanley Elkin
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Well I‘ve been in the hospital since Sunday with blood clots in both lungs, but hopefully going home today. I also have a torn meniscus, arthritis and other knee issues that have been keeping me immobile for several weeks. The house we‘ve lived in 30+ years sold last week and we have to be out by 3/20. To say the least I continue to be too stressed to read.

BiblioLitten I‘m so sorry to hear that. Warm hugs to you. 💕 6mo
merelybookish Oh my! That's a lot to cope with, but try to focus on getting better! 6mo
JoScho Sending love ❤️ 6mo
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BookNAround Oh my! That‘s a lot to handle. I hope you‘re feeling better soon and have lots of people you can delegate packing and moving to. 6mo
BookwormM Hope the move goes well and that your pains settle down xxx 6mo
Tanisha_A Super fast recovery to you! ♥️ 6mo
batsy That is a lot to have to deal with. Much love and strength to you ❤️ Take care. 6mo
Liz_M Oh no! I hope you can find/hire people to do the packing and putting into storage or moving for you. Best wishes for a quick recovery! 6mo
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Sorry this is happening- all my love to you! 6mo
Crazeedi Oh my, sending lots of healing vibes, I cant imagine your stress, I hope you have some great help so you can heal! 💜 5mo
RavenLovelyReads Hope you‘re feeling better- sending good juju for a quick recovery! 💕 5mo
overtheedge Positive energy your way, hope things all work out for you and your feeling better soon. 5mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Just saw this... Hope you're feeling better, Deborah! Rest well! Sending well wishes your way! 5mo
Graywacke I just saw this today. That‘s a lot at once. Wishing health and wellness to you and your family. 5mo
kspenmoll Just saw this-hope you are healing.💕💕 5mo
charl08 More good wishes from me: sorry to hear you've been so unwell. 5mo
lele1432 I hope you're feeling much better!! ❤️ 5mo
CSeydel So sorry 💕 Hope things are improving. 5mo
Tonton Hope you are feeling better!Tore my meniscus and relating to your pain. 4mo
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