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Port and the Douro
Port and the Douro | Richard Mayson
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The completely updated fourth edition of Richard Mayson’s Port and the Douro offers unparalleled insight into the world of port and Douro wines. An entire chapter is dedicated to vintage port, covering harvests as recent as 2017 and providing information on vintages going back to 1844.
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Port and the Douro | Richard Mayson
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Couldn‘t resist snapping a pic of this quirky bookshop in Porto, Portugal. Not sure how you would go about finding a book😂😂😂 #travelbookshops

Aimeesue The book finds YOU! 4mo
Tamra Lol, I‘ve visited shops like that in the US and while it‘s fun, it‘s also exhausting! 4mo
Freespirit It‘s funny you should say that @Aimeesue a bookshop owner said that to me today😊 4mo
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Freespirit It would be exhausting if you were looking for a particular book @Tamra probably better just to grab one and hope for the best😂😂 4mo
Tamra @Freespirit ha! Another type of blind date with a book! 4mo
Freespirit Exactly😂😂😂 @Tamra 4mo
Velvetfur Haha, that's mad! But so intriguing too 😂 4mo
Freespirit I am poking my head into as many bookshops here as I can❤️ @Velvetfur 4mo
MrsMalaprop Oh you‘re in Portugal. How wonderful. 👏 I have fond and funny memories of Porto from many many years ago. 💕 4mo
Freespirit Porto was wonderful @MrsMalaprop . We are in Braga now😍 4mo
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