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Around the Shores of Lake Michigan
Around the Shores of Lake Michigan: A Guide to Historic Sites | Margaret Beattie Bogue
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This superbly organized guide to the 1,600-mile shoreline of Lake Michigan describes 182 historical sites and points of interest. Generously illustrated, it includes historical sketches, keys to recreation, and a large fold-out planner map.
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1. Katie. We worked together 15 years ago.
2. Anywhere on Lake Michigan
3. The smell of a mechanic‘s garage. Reminds me of being in my Grandpa‘s when I was little 😊 and Old Spice Grandpa used to wear it.
4. Finished ‘Charlotte‘s Web‘ Monday night.
5. @wanderinglynn @Clwojick @CoverToCoverGirl @britt_brooke @BookishMarginalia
Thank you @tournevis for the tag
@Eggs #wonderouswednesday

tournevis 😘😘😘 1mo
Eggs Thanks for joining in with your thoughtful responses💗🤗💗 I had an uncle who had a mechanics garage-I remember that smell and loved him 1mo
wanderinglynn 😘 1mo
Crazeedi Old Spice, my dad wore it, I miss him... 1mo
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Oh my gosh @ConnieK , I posted your #hometownswap box this morning but in my haste to reach my happy place and regain some zen, I forgot to take pictures so I‘ll leave you with a picture of an angry Lake Michigan instead. I love the waves though so it still worked it‘s magic on me!

Andrew65 I love watching the sea and waves, so calming! My happy place. 12mo
readinginthedark I almost forgot to take a picture of mine, too! 12mo
ConnieK @CocoReads Thanks so much!! Yours will go out Tuesday!!! I have a special item that will be delivered to me tomorrow that belongs in your box 📦!!Exciting!!! 12mo
CocoReads I‘m excited! 12mo
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