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Eureka: Substitution Method
Eureka: Substitution Method | Cris Ramsay
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View our feature on Chris Ramsay's Eureka: Substitution Method Welcome to Eureka. Population: BRILLIANT It's a town of geniusesand now it's the smartest series going. Founded by Albert Einstein and Harry Truman after WWII, Eureka is home to the greatest minds in science and technology. But the creations of these eccentric geniuses threaten to destroy the world as often as they save it. Jack Carter is the everyman sheriff who must use his common sense and unique street smarts to keep a lid on this Pandora's Box of a town. Especially now, when Eureka's people, cars, and buildings are being swapped with people, cars and buildings from other places. View the SyFy TV trailer
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I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy this show on the Sci-Fi (I refuse to spell it the other way) channel. After the grittiness of Hammett, it was a nice palette cleanser. Light, funny and playful, I might have to binge on some Eureka soon. 3 💥💥💥 1/2 out of 5.

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hermyknee I freakin loved Eureka 12mo
lahousewyfe Me too! I didn't know they did a book series. Fun! 12mo
RamsFan1963 @lahousewyfe Sadly it's only a 3 book series, Substitution Method, Brain Box Blues and Road Less Traveled. I've read the first two, out of order not that it mattered, but I haven't read the last one. 12mo
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jpmcwisemorgan I didn‘t know there were books. I loved the show! 12mo
taraWritesSci I loved that show too! And I also didn't know about the books... 12mo
JacqMac That show was so great! 12mo
CoffeeK8 I loved this show, it was just so fun! 12mo
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I found one of my top 3 shows on Prime video!!!! No reading will be done today! Just watching!! #yay

litenthusiast Oh, I love that show! I may have to rewatch it. 13mo
jpmcwisemorgan I liked that show! 13mo
taraWritesSci Yay! Eureka was so underrated, it's one of my favorites too. 13mo
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