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The Conditions of Love
The Conditions of Love | Dale M. Kushner
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Dale M. Kushner's novel The Conditions of Love traces the journey of a girl from childhood to adulthood as she reckons with her parents' abandonment, her need to break from society's limitations, and her overwhelming desire for spiritual and erotic love. In 1953, ten-year-old Eunice lives in the backwaters of Wisconsin with her outrageously narcissistic mother, a manicureeste and movie star worshipper. Abandoned by her father as an infant, Eunice worries that she will become a misfit like her mother. When her mother's lover, the devoted Sam, moves in, Eunice imagines her life will finally become normal. But her hope dissolves when Sam gets kicked out, and she is again alone with her mother. A freak storm sends Eunice away from all things familiar. Rescued by the shaman-like Rose, Eunice's odyssey continues with a stay in a hermit's shack and ends with a passionate love affair with an older man. Through her capacity to redefine herself, reject bitterness and keep her heart open, she survives and flourishes. In this, she is both ordinary and heroic. At once fable and realistic story, The Conditions of Love is a book about emotional and physical survival. Through sheer force of will, Eunice saves herself from a doomed life. This engaging examination of a mother and daughter's relationship will appeal to the same audience that embraced Mona Simpson's acclaimed classic Anywhere But Here and Elizabeth Strout's bestselling Amy and Isabelle.
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The Conditions of Love | Dale M. Kushner
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I actually made the collage for yesterday‘s prompt yesterday but with a crazy orientation week & a summer cold, I crashed last night before I could post it. This is a beautiful little book I read a few years ago. Eunice is on a journey from childhood to adult looking for someone to love her unconditionally, for family or just some kind of secure place to belong. #IsThisLove ? is something she asks herself throughout the book. 💙💚

squirrelbrain Sounds like a lovely book - stacked. And a lovely collage too, as always! 💚💙 Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit rough, hope you feel better soon 😘 (edited) 5mo
DebinHawaii @squirrelbrain Thank you! 🤗It‘s mostly annoying 🤧 but hopefully I‘ll kick it soon. 5mo
Cinfhen I‘d stack it for the cover but your blurb sold it #stacked and summer colds are the worse 😩feel better 😘 5mo
rubyslippersreads 💚 the cover and collage. 5mo
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