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The Chalet School and Jo
The Chalet School and Jo | Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer
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During her last year at the Chalet School in the Austrian Tyrol, Jo Bettany is due to become head girl, but she is not sure that she wants the responsibility.
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The Chalet School and Jo | Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer
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Saturday night at my house!


batsy Now that's a good time 🥂 2mo
Cathythoughts Nice one 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
catebutler Leah, if you don‘t mind, tell me about the journals at the back of the picture? I‘m searching for the perfect book journal, and seeing your row, I‘m curious! Obviously you‘ve found something you like to use!! 2mo
LeahBergen @catebutler I found my first one of these journals back in the ‘90s and then my pathologically ordered nature made me have to use the same ones forever. 🤣 They are no longer in print but I track them down used. They are very plain and straightforward; one page per entry with lines for title, author, date read, and room for your thoughts. Simpler is better, I think. I hope you find your perfect journal, too! 2mo
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The Chalet School and Jo | Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer
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Day 2 of my #20Series20Days is The Chalet School series by Elinor M. Brent-Dyer. Glorious vintage cover art, outdated story lines ... they are twee as can be and I can‘t resist them. 😆😆


MsMelissa Honestly, your series picks are going to be the best just for the covers 😊 1y
LeahBergen @Book_Fiend_Melissa 😆 Thank you! 1y
Cathythoughts 💕💕💕 1y
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Andrew65 Wonderful covers! 1y
TrishB @Book_Fiend_Melissa I was just thinking that 😁 1y
batsy I love these books! And what @Book_Fiend_Melissa said... These covers are lovely 😍 1y
Leftcoastzen 💕 lovely! Haven‘t ever seen these! 1y
CarolynM Such beautiful editions! All I've got are crumby old 70's paperbacks. 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Love these covers! 1y
EadieB I love those covers too! 1y
Centique The Chalet School! Oh I feel a need to reread some boarding school books myself. 1y
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The Chalet School and Jo | Elinor Mary Brent-Dyer
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I‘m still confined to quarters with this horrible bug and so I‘m catching up on my middle grade tbr. I first read this when I was about 10, but in the abridged paperback version (which I still have as well) but this is my first go at the unabridged version with this new reprint with the original dust jacket picture from 1931 on the cover.

Verity Oooh. I guess this counts for #throwbackreadathon doesn‘t it? I had no idea this was happening and would‘ve been at work if I wasn‘t ill so at least I can take part now! Thanks @monalyisha and @Clwojick (edited) 4y
Jess_Read_This I‘ve wanted to read these books ever since I heard about them on the Tea and Tattles podcast. Both the hosts loved them and recommended them! 4y
Verity @Jess_Read_This where in the world are you? I have a couple of duplicates of some of them and could send you one if the postage isn‘t too bonkers? They‘re a bit old fashioned now, but I love them despite their faults - partky because I‘ve been reading them since I was so young and partly because as an adult they‘re accidentally hilarious at times! 4y
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Jess_Read_This @Verity Seriously?! I might be a bit far, I‘m in the United States- Michigan. I would be willing to help with the postage or try to trade you something for them? It‘s incredibly generous of you. 4y
4thhouseontheleft I hope you feel better soon! 4y
Verity @Jess_Read_This I reckon I could manage the US. Give me a couple of days to make sure I‘m not posting you germs as well as a book and I‘ll get it on the way. What the best way for you to send me your address? 4y
Verity @Jess_Read_This I could do a post office run today if you let me know your address. My email is *edited*! (edited) 4y
Jess_Read_This @Verity I‘m so sorry! Litsy didn‘t alert me your responded 4 days ago to me. This is twice now in the last few days I didn‘t know I was tagged in a response ☹️ I just sent you an email now. I‘m so sorry! 4y
Verity @Jess_Read_This don‘t worry! It happens. I‘ve got your email - I‘ll try and get it in the post this evening. 4y
Jess_Read_This @Verity I just can‘t thank you enough. I‘m just blown away by this. Thank you ❤️ 4y
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