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Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea
Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea: An Illustrated Science Fiction Novel | Adam Roberts
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Adam Roberts's Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea revisits Jules Verne's classic novel in a collaboration with the illustrator behind a recent highly acclaimed edition of The Hunting of the Snark It is 1958 and France's first nuclear submarine, Plongeur, leaves port for the first of its sea trials. On board, gathered together for the first time, are one of the Navy's most experienced captains and a tiny skeleton crew of sailors, engineers, and scientists. The Plongeur makes her first dive and goes down, and down and down. Out of control, the submarine plummets to a depth where the pressure will crush her hull, killing everyone on board, and beyond. The pressure builds, the hull protests, the crew prepare for death, the boat reaches the bottom of the sea and finds nothing. Her final dive continues, the pressure begins to relent, but the depth gauge is useless. They have gone miles down. Hundreds of miles, thousands, and so it goes on. Onboard the crew succumb to madness, betrayal, religious mania, and murder. Has the Plongeur left the limits of our world and gone elsewhere?
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A thrilling delve into sci fi, a universe familiar and yet unknown. A gripping reimagining of A Journey to the Center of the Earth.


“The passage of time became complicated, hard to parse. Breaths, heartbeats, motion. The throb in his wounded jaw. What did all mean? We descend all the time, and the bottom of the ocean is called death.”

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So, I went to the book section of the dollar store just to see what awful books they'd be selling...and this happened. 😂😂 They actually were decent books!

AmyG I learned this from Litsy. I was kind of shocked. 5y
Sills @Rachel.Rencher Score❤️🎉 5y
TheWordJar I just got my own stack of six books at the dollar store last week. There‘s sometimes a whole lot of nothing to wade through, but I usually find a few worthwhile selections! 5y
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DreesReads I did don‘t even know the dollar store had books! 5y
Rachel.Rencher @AmyG Right? I had no idea 😂 5y
Rachel.Rencher @TheWordJar That's awesome! Yeah I usually just find really bad memoirs or chicken soup for the soul books so this was a pleasant surprise. 5y
Rachel.Rencher @AudreyMorris Theure usually pretty bad, and we were going to buy a few as a gag gift but we were pleasantly surprised 😃 5y
Texreader Yes!! I‘ve done the same at the dollar store!! ☺️ 5y
Lucas.Rencher @Rachel.Rencher I'm actually excited about these! We will definitely have to go more! 😀 5y
99problemsbutabookaint1 My dollar store has been good as of lately with the book selection. I'm always happy when you can find great reads for cheap. 5y
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