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The Adventurers
The Adventurers | Michelle Martin
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Using her talent for disguise, Isabel manages to draw the Earl of Northbridge into a scheme to save them both from their enemies, not realizing that the attractive earl might be the real danger. Original.
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The Adventurers | Michelle Martin
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I'm following the lead of @quirkyreader who is sharing the #litsylove by thanking her first 10 followers. Since I just passed my third #litsyversary I thought this would be a good thing to do.

So thanks to those tagged, my first 10 followers! 😊💜 I may not be posting & liking as much as I want to, but Litsy & this fantastic reading community is never far from my thoughts. I've found my tribe! Thanks for sharing my bookish adventures! 😊

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The Adventurers | Michelle Martin
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A planned girls weekend in Los Angeles! First stop...The Last Bookstore! It was the coolest bookstore I‘ve ever entered!! #iliveinflorida

Amabear Oh my gosh! So jealous! I wanna go there so bad! 2y
Madamereginald @Amabear soo much fun! You could get lost for hours! 2y
HOTPock3tt Wow! 😍💕 2y
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The Adventurers | Michelle Martin
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Here are a few of the romances I've collected over the last couple decades. This was the first book I read where the heroine chose to masquerade as a boy, a trope I've since grown very fond of! I love a good gender bender! If nothing else, it planted the idea, in my younger self, that my gender shouldn't inform or limit what I can do or where I can go!

#InTheMoodForLove #SeasonsReadings2016

Pinkmeghan Oh my god this is amazing!!!! 😍😍😍 3y
Kalalalatja What a great collection! 😍 3y
MCYmermaid Amazing collection-- and some familiar covers! 😍 3y
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respekt1111 Nice! 🙋 3y
Wilkie Nice covers! 3y
quirkyreader I'll probably get some "hate" for this, but I have been pulling some of the older Harlequins off the shelves. I get in so many new books every day that things need to get rotated. But there is still a big presence of Romance for fans. I just created a shelf holding nothing but Coulters, Connie Mason, and @MrBook 's new "favourite" Sandra Brown. 3y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @quirkyreader I don't know, I think a good rotation is healthy! Also, I bought most of these for very low prices because they were pulled off of shelves! My much younger and poorer self appreciates the rotation cycle of books! 3y
MrBook Nice collection! 3y
ValkyrieAndHerBooks @Pinkmeghan @Kalalalatja @MCYmermaid @respekt1111 @Wilkie @MrBook Thanks! Some of these are falling apart or have even lost their covers, but they're part of my reading history and I'll keep them to the end! 3y
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