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Betty Crocker Cookbook
Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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A special new edition of the best-selling cookbook features a special heart-healthy section that reveals how to cut bad fats and cholesterol in meals, reduce stress, maintain healthy weight, quit smoking, and control heart disease risk factors, along with more than one thousand classic and contemporary recipes, nutritional breakdowns, how-to guidelines, cooking tips, and hints for menu planning and entertaining.
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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When a banana gets too ripe, I cut it up and freeze it to use later. My husband says I need to do something with all the banana in the freezer, so I'm contemplating a few options. Side note, how is The New Best Recipe not already in the database? Lol I wanted to tag it instead. Also, I think I need to replace my copy of Better Homes and Garden cookbook. The spiral binding has become looseleaf. 😉 #toomanybananas #minimuffins #plotting

Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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1. If its non-fiction, it's the opportunity to learn something new. If its fiction, it's interesting, clever characters and worlds that are different from my own.
2. Comics, movie soundtracks and ink pens (the last one is a bad compulsion since I work in an office supply store)
3. Only cookbook I have is an old Betty Crocker cookbook my mom gave me.
4. No, don't like poetry
5. @midweekpurple_reads @Bikidam.9932

#wonderouswednesday @Eggs

Eggs Thanks for joining in !!! Love your answers 🤗 7mo
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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And display number 2 for today! I learned that I need to look into some good DIY books that aren‘t from the ‘90s...

#schoollibraries #litsyloveslibraries #librariansoflitsy #diy

Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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@Cinfhen here is the recipe I use! I do it in my stand mixer, and I use walnuts instead of peanuts. Also, I roll my baked balls in the powdered sugar immediately after taking them out of the oven. Enjoy!

TheWordJar That cookbook is a staple in my house too! ❤️ 12mo
Theshadedbuffalo @TheWordJar it‘s definitely a classic!! 12mo
Cinfhen Thank you so much!!!! But that cup of butter gave me some serious panic 😲😳 12mo
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Theshadedbuffalo @Cinfhen I know it! That‘s why I only make them once a year! 😆 12mo
Cinfhen Exactly!!! If not NOW then when.... 😋😋😋😋😋#TisTheSeason 12mo
Theshadedbuffalo @Cinfhen #truth 🙌🏻🙌🏻 12mo
RavenLovelyReads Thanks for sharing!!! 💕💕 12mo
Theshadedbuffalo @RavenLovelyReads my absolute pleasure! 12mo
Crazeedi You can't go wrong with betty!!! 12mo
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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So... not book related but y‘all, I am proud 😂 First pie I‘ve ever made from scratch! Cinnamon bun apple Dutch 🤤 It is cooking and smells heavenly!

Amiable That looks delicious! 13mo
Literary_Siren 😯 😍 I wish I could have some!!! I love apple Dutch pie and you just took it up a notch! 13mo
mcipher Cinnamon bun?!? That is amazing!! 13mo
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mreads That looks fantastic!😍 13mo
Stephuhhnieee @Amiable @Literary_Siren @mcipher @mreads Thank you!!! It was yum! Just some butter and cinnamon rolled up in the pie dough, sliced, and pressed back into the pan and then go with your favorite apple pie recipe (I think peach would be amazing, too.) Fully recommend and super easy! 13mo
mcipher I have to try this - it sounds amazing and easy! Thanks for the idea! 13mo
Cinfhen I‘m late to the party.....but OMG!!! Bravo 🙌🏻😋❤️ 12mo
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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Not sure if this is even in the cook book. Whenever it get a hot I always want sweet tea, plenty of fresh fruit, and tomato cucumber salad. So go ahead Mother Nature with your nasty heat wave and heat warning

Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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1- Betty Crocker. 2- Yes. It‘s meat ? And bread. 3- the only one I know is Gordon Ramsey. If he came today we could see who could make up the most new cuss words. 4- tuna pizza. @JoScho #manicmonday

JoScho 😋❤️🌭 1y
AJones An interesting pizza choice. I might have to try it. 1y
JoScho I would love to see you and Ramsay go head to head! 😂 1y
Kaye @AJones It sounds gross but it‘s actually very good. 1y
Kaye Well @joscho. It depends on the day. Today I‘d win. 1y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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1- I rarely use a cookbook but when I need help I pull out the Betty Crocker I got as a wedding present.
2- Nope! Not sure how I'd categorize them but not as a sandwich.
3- Alton Brown! I know he doesn't quite fit the category but I love him.
4- I have no idea how I even started doing this but I like oranges and Ritz crackers together.
#manicmonday @JoScho

JoScho That is quite a unique combination! 😋 1y
AJones I get where your going with this snack. You want something sweet but also salty. I might have to try it. 1y
umbrellagirl AB is the best! 1y
bookandbedandtea @AJones Right! Juicy & sweet + crispy & salty = 😋 1y
bookandbedandtea @umbrellagirl Smart men are my weakness. And he's funny too which is just frosting. 😊 1y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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1. Probably the tagged book, just out of nostalgia. I really prefer recipes given to me by others, though.
2. I feel like this is a trick question... it depends on how it's served.
3. Aarón Sánchez
4. I like extremes. I like to combine sweet things with very spicy things, or frozen treats with a cup of something hot to drink.
#ManicMonday @JoScho

JoScho Oh I also enjoy hot and cold. Like a cold sandwich with warm French fries 🍟 1y
umbrellagirl I feel like Aaron Sanchez could make a random thing like tacos and it would be the most amazing thing ever. 1y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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1. My old Betty Crocker Cookbook - my very 1st cookbook (I still use it) gifted at our wedding
2. Heck no.. love em but are they even IN a food group
3. Gordon Ramsey is a hoot ❤️👨🏻‍🍳
4. Elvis Presley‘s Fried PB sandwich - bread, peanut butter, banana (and honey) 🥪🤤



JoScho I adore Gordon Ramsay ❤️ 1y
tammysue @JoScho Would love to meet him in person 😍 1y
TheReadingMermaid Woot woot *Team Ramsay!!!! 🎉 1y
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tammysue @TheReadingMermaid 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
AJones I‘ve never tried it fried before. Very interesting!?! 1y
tammysue @AJones I cook them up on my electric griddle. So easy and they‘re yummy! 😁 1y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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Moms cleaning out some stuff at her place so I nabbed my Grammy‘s old Betty Crocker cookbook. So psyched to have it and it has that great old book smell. 🤓💕

Bklover Those are the best! And you can always find the good recipes because those pages have food stains on them!❤️ 2y
C.Perone My mother got this at her bridle shower, I nabbed it when I got married 26yrs ago and I still use quite often 2y
Erika13137 @Bklover @C.Perone my fav recipe to this day is the classic drop chocolate chip cookies recipe. Do you guys have a fav recipe? 2y
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C.Perone Beef stew and scalloped potatoes are the two I use the most 2y
Bklover There was a chicken cacciatore with drop dumplings recipe that I used to make. I got that cookbook in 8th grade and it was the first thing I made (it sounded fancy). 2y
janeycanuck I got my Gran‘s copy a few years ago. I love it! 2y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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Love my Betty Crocker cookbook! I decided last minute to make an apple streusel pie ? along with my favorite, Kentucky pecan pie ? Both from good ole Betty! I also made a carrot soufflé and cranberry sauce.???
Those are my contributions to our dinner! The amazing husband already made the stuffing and the turkey ? is in the oven! Green beans, mashed potatoes, and gravy are later. #thankful #readytogoreadmore

Tamra 👏🏾👏🏾 2y
batsy Yum!! 2y
ElishaLovesBooks Thanks @Tamra @batsy !! I think this was the best cranberry sauce I‘ve ever made! I grated orange peel in it- so yummy! (edited) 2y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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Apple pie in the oven. #Litsycooks

Zelma I was planning on apple crisp tomorrow but now am wondering if i should make a pie instead! That looks excellent. 3y
Scurvygirl Yum! It's 8:10 Thanksgiving morning and this is making me hungry!!! 😹 3y
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Betty Crocker Cookbook | Betty Crocker
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Just made the dressing. My mom always made it straight out of Betty Crocker (1952). Not later editions because it got healthier. 😜 I had to make two batches as some (weird) relatives don't like celery. What a mess!

Redwritinghood I'm one of those weird people who hates celery. Not sure why, but I've never liked it 3y
Suzze @Redwritinghood Okay, maybe weird was too strong a word. Tasteless? No, I guess that's not better. 😁 3y
paige84 I love celery cooked or raw! Some people hate it and I just don't get it 😊 3y
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DebinHawaii I love celery in stuffing! 👍😀 3y
Zelma You are on the ball! I am still sitting here in pajamas thinking about the grocery store. 😬 3y
kristina_with_a_k I'm suspicious of people who don't like celery. 🙄 3y
quirkyreader Celery is on of the things that makes the stuffing. We got Stove Top from the box, not the good scratch stuff. 3y
Suzze @Zelma It's not "on the ball" it is "I must get things done early or the crust of the Earth will collapse on me". ?? 3y
Suzze @DebinHawaii Me too! My son told me I had to make it, because if he made it, his wife wouldn't let him use celery. So I'm trying to make everyone happy. 3y
Suzze @kristina_with_a_k 😂😂😂 3y
Suzze @quirkyreader I have never even eaten Stove Top. I guess I'm a stuffing snob. 😬 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Celery is awesome!! 3y
quirkyreader Stove Top has a tendency to taste like over salty dried out cardboard. So you aren't missing anything. 3y
Suzze @quirkyreader Uh.....yum? 3y
Scurvygirl Love celery! Making my own stuffing to bring to dinner, my mom makes one with sausage that I can't eat and my brother is bringing some weird quinoa gluten free one... I like to be engorged by the end of tomorrow so I make sure there's plenty I can eat!! 😹 3y
Lynnsoprano This will be the first year that I can remember without Pennsylvania Dutch mashed potato stuffing. My mom always made it and when I took over Thanksgiving dinner, I made it. But my son is in charge of most of this year's menu, so we are breaking tradition here. 3y
Suzze @Scurvygirl Ut oh. Hope no one in my family has become vegetarian. Mine has sausage too. 3y
Suzze @Lynnsoprano I had to look up a recipe for that. First I've heard of it. Sounds interesting! 3y
Zelma @Suzze 😂😂😂 3y
Dragon All those stuffings sound good! Happy Thanksgiving to you . 🦃 3y
GlitteryOtters Mmmm....stuffing! 😋😍 We love it so much at my house that we are making two different kinds, for the 3rd year in a row (not because anyone dislikes one version or anything, just because we love it so much). 😂😂 3y
Suzze @GlitteryOtters it is definitely my favorite side! 3y
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