Community Guidelines

Litsy is a place to share your favorite books with your favorite people. Have fun, be respectful and help to build a vibrant, bookish community!

In particular:

  • Mark all spoilers. Everyone loves a good book; nobody loves a spoiler. We make it easy to mark any posts or comments that have spoilers, so please do this out of consideration for other readers who haven’t finished the book. (If someone wants to view your comment, it’s easy to click to view your spoiler anyways.)
  • Don't be spammy. To spam or not to spam, that is the … well, actually, it’s never a question. Help to keep Litsy spam-free by avoiding posting repetitive content and comments or unsolicited commercial content. You can also block any user right from his or her profile page.
  • Keep your Litfluence honest. Litfluence is a fun way to measure how the books you read and the content you share about those books influence others in the community. It loses meaning and is not fair to fellow community members if you artificially acquire followers or reaction to your posts (e.g., likes, comments, adds), so please keep it real.
  • Post only your own stuff that you have the right to share. You have an awesome voice, so share it and be original. If you post photos or other content on Litsy that you didn’t create yourself, be sure you have permission to share and give credit where credit is due.
  • Be respectful and considerate with content that you post. We’re as passionate about books as you are. We encourage debate, but please be considerate and respectful. Keep it positive, constructive and fun and avoid hateful speech (in other words, no book bullying!).
  • Don’t break the law. As you know, we do everything by the book.
  • Work together to make it a better community. We encourage you to work out any disagreements or issues you have with fellow community members first. If you are unable to reach a resolution or wish to flag a post or user, you can send us feedback and we will investigate and follow up on the issue.
  • Don’t create accounts to mislead others. We ask that you don’t create accounts that are obviously misleading (in terms of identity). Parody accounts are okay as it’s clear it’s not the real party being represented. If you wish to become a verified user, please contact us.

For more information, please see our complete Terms and Privacy Policy.